Friday, May 9, 2014

(Michael Buffer Voice) 

AND NEW..  UBF Champion of the Worlddd: 

Deontay The Bronze Bomber Wilder!

     After going undefeated for the better part of the last decade, Charlie Zelenoff met his match in former heavy weight bronze medalist Deontay Wilder.  Wilder who is currently recognized as the top challenger for the world heavyweight championship, has won all his professional bouts by way of knockout, earning him a stellar record of 31-0-0 (KO 31.)  After stopping Zelenoff, Deontay went on to claim his prize as he seized the UBF belts.  Leaving the highly touted Zelenoff semi-conscious and strapless.

What's next for the former olympian?  Perhaps Wladimir Klitschko?  But not so fast.  The UBF was able to reach Charlie Zelenoff for comment and he had the following to say:

"Wilder got a lucky punch in the temple after I hit him in the body, why didn't that f*cktard upload how I connected on his chin at the beginning?"

"TMZ you people are a hoax, why when I win fights you don't say a thing, but when I lose my first ever fight 55-1 now.  You update it??  You aren't journalists, you're jealous.  Jealous of my success."

And Finally:

"Deontay Wilder is a joke.  I want the damn rematch, I'll light his glass chin up.  Bring me the porcelain puncher and I'll prove he's a fluke."

So for the moment, victory is sweet and Wilder is enjoying the spoils of his knockout.  BUT, is it possible it was simply a lucky punch?  A wild haymaker that found it's target?  One need only point to Zelenoff's track record to consider that he's more than earned a rematch for the UBF championship.

So before we think seriously about Wilder vs Klitschko, let's give the fans what they want.  A rematch for the very prestigious UBF Championship of the world.  And for now, Congrats Deontay, you're a true Champion.

(Note: It has been brought to the UBF's attention that Charlie Zelenoff made disparaging remarks regarding Wilder's race and towards his young daughter.  This is not acceptable or condoned by the UBF.  We are hopeful both men can move forward amicably and with respect)


  1. Yo Charlie, i know u made this official website UBF urself. It's a blog. But in a serious note. Please get some professional help. How can't u see how much trouble u put urself and ur family in. U jump out of every ring and proceed to call urself the greatest. U even lost ur one and only pro fight.

  2. Why you always run away?

  3. Seriously Charlie. No one believes all this about you. NO-ONE. Just stop taking the piss out of yourself. You seem quite normal. You can be normal if you just stop with all the bullshit. Good luck.

  4. charlie get help bro. i was one of your fiercest haters but this shit is getting outta hand. please get help. youll end up hurting yourself if you keep this up.