Monday, November 28, 2011

"I'll Rematch This Faggot Kud and Kill Him in the Ring!"

Was it pretty?  Was it fight of the year?  Maybe not, but at the end of the day great champions get the job done and that's exactly what Charlie Zelenoff did.  This past week Charlie Zelenoff fought Chris Kud, brother of Oleg Kud. Boxing fans may remember Oleg as the homo who recently had his jaw shattered and rewired following an ill advised altercation with the UBF P4P Champion. 

The fight with Chris Kud began on even terms and looked to be a decent battle in the making.  However shortly after tasting Charlie's 5,000 PSI power, Kud tucked tail and began doing his best Lance Armstrong impression.  In boxing, there is back peddaling, fighting off the back foot, even evasive maneuvering.  However what Kud did was a complete and utter disgrace to the sport of boxing.  He ran like a young boy from a bubble bath with Jerry Sandusky.

Even more shameful, out of frustration Kud illegally pushed Zelenoff to the ground.  Immediate grounds for disqualification or a point deduction.  After thorough review by the UBF Comission and Sanctioning bodies, Zelenoff was ruled winner by DQ resulting from the push.  In an effort to put any doubt to rest, Zelenoff will be rematching the cowardly Kud November 29th 2011.  Don't be surprised if Charlie puts Kud in a wheel chair or worse yet...  Pulls the full Ray Mancini...  Video of the first fight below.  UBF News will keep you posted on the Official Result of the rematch, Stay Tuned!  

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Official UBF Compubox Numbers a Zelenoff Landslide!!

(In a Jim Lampley voice)
Official Sanctioned UBF Compubox is as follows:

Charlie Zelenoff landed:
- 30 of 35 power punches thrown
- 6 of 9 Jabs thrown
- For a stunning and jaw dropping accuracy of 82%

Floyd Mayweather Sr. landed:
- 5 of 20 power punches thrown
- 0 of 1 jabs thrown
- For a paltry and meager accuracy of just 24%.

Simply put, on Wednesday November 9th at Johnny Tocco's gym in Las Vegas Nevada.  Floyd Mayweather Senior was outworked, outclassed and frankly?  Utterly humiliated.

The official particulars at the time of the stoppage are as follows.  At 0:10 seconds into the fight, Floyd Mayweather Senior's knee touched the canvas as the result of a series of power punches.  This was scored an official knockdown. 

At approximately 1:54 of the first round Floyd Mayweather Sr. was deducted a point for administering an illegal push.  At the time of the stoppage, Charlie was winning the fight with a 10-7 round due to landing the cleaner punches, knocking his opponent down and as a result of the point deduction. (count the punches if you don't believe it hater)

The mainstream media would prefer you believe Mayweather Senior to be some modern day Willie Pep, a freakishly old but effective Bernard Hopkins, but unfortunately, rounds are not won by landing 5 punches and pushing your opponent... Wladimir Klitschko, You Are NEXT!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Charlie Zelenoff: "Floyd Mayweather Sr. Got the Sh*t Beaten Out of Him!"

A day after his career defining annihilation of Floyd Mayweather Sr, Charlie Zelenoff already has his eyes set on the next challenge: Heavyweight Champion Wladimir Klitschko.

The boxing world was buzzing yesterday as fans tried desperately to educate themselves on the hottest name in boxing, one word, Zelenoff.  The young phenom is crippling search engines across the globe with his 5,000 PSI power and oozing charisma.  Here he is below reacting to his FOTY candidate victory:

Thursday, November 10, 2011

BREAKING NEWS - Charlie Z Knocks Floyd Mayweather Sr. Out Cold!!!!

Las Vegas, NV - UBF World Champion Charlie Zelenoff (20-0, 12 KO), combined power, finesse and ring generalship to dominate a prime Floyd Mayweather Sr. before punctuating the performance with a spectacular KO.  In the end, Zelenoff's arm was raised as Mayweather Sr. crawled around the canvas wondering what went wrong.

The scene turned ugly when hoodlums and miscreants rushed the ring to assault our brave champion.  Fortunately, the scene was put under control rather quickly and no one was injured with the exception of Mayweather Sr. who spent the night at Sunrise Hospital.

Neither party was available for comments at the post fight press conference.  More developing.

Monday, September 12, 2011


In honor of the 3 month #1 P4P Streak, the UBF Salutes our Champion:

Buy ATGzus on iTunes Today.  Lets get this song to the Top of the charts like the champ in combative sports!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Welcome To The Official Legitimate Home Of The UBF

 This is the official website of the Underground Boxing Federation.  It is the only pure fighting organization in all of professional sports.  It is our mission to provide fact based, unbiased and official information about the world of fighting.  We check all our facts twice, then have other people check them and then check them again.  If you read something here, you can take it to the bank.

The website is a work in progress as we quadruple verify information to ensure legitimacy prior to publishing.  For the time being, we have posted confirmed information on our current champion and undisputed king of boxing, Charlie Zelenoff.

Please use the navigation bar above to voyage the various areas of  this website. 

Note - We will castrate ourselves if any information is proven to the contrary in the court of law. 

Long Live Our Champion and Your Champion

Charlie "King Z Money" Zelenoff