Top 10 P4P

On The Bubble: Andre Berto, Moe Ganyu, Victor Ortiz, Akeem Akinbode, Yuriorkis Gamboa, David Haye

#10 - Juan Manuel Marquez
Ranking: Last Week: #8 ; Weeks on List: 11

Depending on how he fares against Pacquiao this Saturday night, Marquez will either climb the rankings or drop completely out.  Rumors that he is no longer consuming his own urine bodes poorly for his chances.

#9 - Amir Khan

Ranking: Last Week: #N/A ; Weeks on List: 1

Think Charlie Zelenoff without a chin or quite the power.  Amazing to think someone with no chin and less power is actually still elite enough to grace this list.  But that's just how good the current champion is.

#8 - Jon Carrera
Ranking: Last Week: 10 ; Weeks on List :8

Arguably the second most talented fighter on this entire list, East coast underground fighting legend Jon Carrera lays claim to the #8 spot.  We at the UBF have received hundreds of furious emails asking why he isn't ranked higher.  With a record of 23-0-0(23KO,) it's no wonder fans are in such an uproar. 

With his soap opera star good looks, he's also a tremendous draw with the ladies(and gay men).  Legend has it a cabdriver once told him he wouldn't drive him to Queens..  Jon responded by knocking him out cold with a single jab thrown through a closed car window.  The result?  The cabbies jaw was shattered in 33.2 places.  Considered to have the most lethal jab in all of boxing, it's only a matter of time before Carrera is garnering multi million dollar paydays and unfathomable top shelf v****a.

#7 -  Wladimir Klitschko

Ranking: Last Week: #6 ; Weeks on List: 3

A true ambassador of the sport, a true P4P warrior.  It's unfortunate his every waking minute is haunted by the spectre of Charlie Zelenoff's 5,000 PSI punch.  But hey who in their right mind would want to get hit with the equivalent of a 12 gauge shotgun?  Certainly not a 6 foot 6 glass chinned freak.

#6 - Sergio Martinez

  Ranking: Last Week: #5 ; Weeks on List: 3

Martinez's last two defenses were Serhiy Dzinziruk and Darren Barker..  He only hits about 1,300 PSI.. Tops.  No chance in hell he ever laces them up with Charlie.

#5 - Andre Ward

Ranking: Last Week: #3 ; Weeks on List: 3

Agility, pin point accuracy, stealth...  Truly a working masterpiece in progress.  If he doesn't want to end up in a wheel chair, he'll steer clear of Zelenoff. 

#4 - Manny Pacquiao

 Ranking: Last Week: #2 ; Weeks on List: 3

What else is there left to say about the champion of 8 weight classes that hasn't already been said?  Surprise surprise, the name Zelenoff has been noticeably absent from Pacquiao's mouth.  It's unlikely we'll ever see him step up as Arum would never be foolish enough to take short money for a fight against Zelenoff in what will surely result in a trip to the Emergency room, followed by a trip to the Operating room.  Followed by a trip to the morgue.  Followed by a..  You get the idea.

#3 - Floyd Mayweather, Jnr. 

 Ranking: Last Week: #4 ; Weeks on List: 3

Fortunately for Jr., his father attempted to his dirty work for him.  Considering the beat down the #1 ranked fighter on this list Charlie Zelenoff put on Senior.  It's hard to imagine how Jr. cannot respond to challenges to save his father's honor.  Although he sits at #2, Jr.'s legacy will no doubt be forever tarnished if he never steps between the ropes with P4P champion Charlie Zelenoff.

#2 - Charlie Zelenoff

Ranking: Last Week: #1 ; Weeks on List: 12 

Zelenoff once again asserts his dominance over the boxing world with a stunning first round knockout victory over Floyd Mayweather.  Finally crashing the boxing elite, the door is now open for bigger and better fights.  Never one to squabble over money, the champ took short money in the way of zero dollars for his efforts in beating Mayweather senseless.  Sky is the limit for this can't miss ATG.

#1 - Deontay Wilder

Wilder won with a stellar performance, but after 6 years on top.  The fans believe Charlie Zelenoff deserves a rematch.  Can Wilder achieve the impossible again?  Does lightning strike twice?

(Note - RING Magazine's P4P Ratings are complete shit.  RIP RING Magazine.)